Beauty and the Beast Roll


1 each Yellow Soy Paper
1 Sushi Rice
4 each Boiled Shrimp
1/3 Avocado
2 stick Cream Cheese
2 stick Tamago
3 stick Imitation Crab
2 pinch Crunch
2 slice B.B.Q. Eel
1 as needed Eel Sauce
3 pinch Sesame Seeds


Lay down Soy Paper sheetSpread Sushi Rice evenly on top
Cut Avocado, Tamago, and Cream Cheese into slices
Place:Boiled ShrimpAvocadoCream CheeseTamago
Roll tightly into cylinder shape
Spread open the Imitation Crab
Left Side of Roll:Place Crab white side upSprinkle Crunch on top
Right Side of Roll:Place Eel on topTop with Eel SauceSprinkle Sesame Seeds
Cut roll into 10 pcs.

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