Bleu Cheese Crusted Pork Chops


2 boneless pork chops
3/4 cup french fried onions
1/2 stick butter; melted
1/3 cup bleu cheese crumbles
2 tsp Italian seasoning
to taste kosher salt and white pepper
as needed olive oil


Coat pork chops with enough oil to cover. Season.
In a mixing bowl, crush fried onions and mix together with bleu cheese. Add enough melted butter until onions & bleu cheese begin to stick together. You do not want a soggy mixture.
Top chops with crust mixture and bake at 300° for approximately 30 minutes or until pork reaches desired doneness. If crust is not crispy, place briefly under broiler.
Variations; Shredded coconut, marinade, bread crumbs, celery salt, lemon peel or zest, cayenne,

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