corn flaked fried chicken


1 box corn flakes
1 self rising flour
1 red pepper
1 onion powder
1 garlic salt
1 cup of milk
1 egg
4 lb boneless chicken breast
1 note that you use the crushed form of all spices


preheat your oil too 400
beat your egg then add it to your cup of milk
add garlic salt red pepper and onion powder to your flour and mix (i usually throw in some Andy's hot n spicy batter also) throw in however much you feel is necessary to your liking
put corn flakes into a bowl and crush then how ever much you can
You can cut your chicken if you want to make it into strips or pieces
drop your chicken into the milk and egg mixture
take your chicken and drop it into the batter and cover the chicken in it then dip it into the milk/egg mix then role it around in the corn flakes
when oil is ready place chicken in it and cook until it starts turning a dark golden brown

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