Fried chicken


500 g chicken drum
3 eggs - egg white
300 g bread crumbs
100 g all purpose flour
Oil for frying


Boil the chicken drums for 15 minutes. Put it too cool.
Put the flour, bread crumbs and egg whites in a separate flat plates.
Then take the boiled chicken drums and roll one by one into a flour then roll into eggs and finally roll in bread crumbs.
Do this for the remaining chicken drums. Then prepare oil for frying.
Fry the chicken drums in oil until golden brown each side.
Then put in a paper towel to dry.

I left my drumsticks to brine for about 2 hrs (brining means to let meat sit in cold water n salt) I then sprinkled some black pepper on it. Mixed ingredients together n pour half onto the drumsticks sprinkled some basil n parsley on top and baked for about 35 min on 375 removed from the oven n turned the drumsticks over n poured the rest on n continued to bake for about another 10/15 min Vanilla Brown Sugar Sweet Chilli Drumsticks
First layer Drumstick torte
I marinated mine overnight in buttermilk but that's optional Air Fryer Chicken Drummettes
Wash chicken and pat dry, blend pepper and onions and mix in garlic and ginger paste together with the pepper blend, salt, knorr cube, oregano, soy sauceand set aside Grilled Drum Stick
Clean to or dal take 2 cooker add dal and 2 cups water and cover lid and allow it 4 wissels another pan add chana dal,Urad dal,whole coriander,cumin seeds and dry red chillies dry roast it after roasted all ingredients meke a powder South Indian Sambar Recipe
Wash your chicken drumsticksthoroughly and put in a sufuria or basin. Pan fried Drumsticks
Preheat oven to 375°F. Mexican spiced drumsticks
Take off all the skin off the chicken and wash good Brown stewed chicken
Have to dry anything before smoking. It needs to form a pellicle for the smoke to stick to. I put mine on a rack in the frig. for at least 4 hours. Home Smoked Turkey Drumsticks
Preheat oven to 425°F Roasted Drumstick
Who says you can’t enjoy healthy chicken snacks without an oven?Here we have this amazing style of cooking delectable snacks without a messy oven, and there aren't any pots and pans to wash, except one! Italian Herbs Chicken Drumsticks
In a frying pan spinach after adding oil and mustard. Murungai keerai (Drumstick Spinach) Curry- Tamilnadu Special
Here's an easy recipe for a main course and side dish all in one, soaking each other's flavors while cooking. No special ingredients required. L's Easy Drumsticks & Potatoes in the Oven
Dal and rice ko wash ke soak ke coarsely grind ke jaggery, salt, grinded method Dana and grinded flatten rice mix kar full day and overnight cover ke rakh de. Idli, Sambhar, Vada, Uttapam
Mix all the ingredients for Marinade in large bowl Baked Drumsticks Marinated in Yogurt
Parboil the drumsticks until half way cooked Chicken drumsticks in barbecue sauce
Preheat oven to 325°F. For easy clean-up, line a cookie sheet with foil. Use a slotted rack (I use a regular cooling rack) and cover with foil. Punch a few holes in it to allow grease to drip onto the sheet pan. Spray with cooking spray. Slow Roasted Chicken Wings
Mix every thing except wings together Spicy wing sauce
Rinse your drum stick and dry them with paper towel. Grilled chicken
Make paste of all pulses and rice. Mix..add a salt.. And keep 4 to 5 hours for fermentation.. If you don't hv time you xan use soda instead if fermentation Dosa
Fry onions and carrots in a saucepan Tasty Turkey Stew
Get all the marinade ingredients together Kid approved sweet and spicy chicken
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Clean and wash the lentils. Indian Style Raw Mango & Drumsticks Dal Curry
Cut off and discard wing tips. Cut each wing in half at joint. Place in shallow bowl; sprinkle with salt, thyme and pepper. Pour beer over wings; toss to coat. Cover; refrigerate 2 to 6 hours. Chicken Wings in Cerveza
per heat oven at 350 Oven-baked Curry Drumsticks
Put chicken in slow cooker with enough water to cover. Yummy chicken wings and drums on salad