Fried chicken


1 TBS Rajah (hot)
1 cup flour
1 tbs bbq
1/2 Aromat
Tomato sauce
Fruit Chutney
1 cup sunflower seed cooking oil
2 eggs
10 pieces chicken


Rinse your 10 pieces off chicken
Cooking the chicken for 30 mins without adding water just add salt to taste
Remove your chicken from the stove
Marinate your chicken with tomato sauce and fruit Chutney and put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes (15)
Mix four, Rajah, BBQ spice, aromat in one big bowl
Pour your cooking oil into the cooking pan and make sure your cooking oil is hot
Duck the chicken in your beaten eggs and put it in your four mixture on a bucket shake it well so that it covers the whole thing
Take the chicken straight to the frying pan, fry each side for 10 minutes
Serve your chicken with rice and some few salads

Pour oil in a pan and pour chopped onion and chillies. Eggs with chillies and tomatoes
Fry the onion, carrot and peppers Beans my way
First dry roast all mentioned ingredients for preparing aromat spices powder (Special dry masala for making adadhiya pak).Cool and grind in mixer grinder jar to fine powder.Mix almond powder also in it...keep aside. Adadhiya Pak
Heat the pan add butter in it.let it hot. Paneer, broccoli, stuffed hot dog
Cut peppers & stuff them into the fish fillets Grilled Hake Fillets
Finely chop the spinach Spinach salad
Mix until thoroughly combined. "Better" Bisquick Dumplings
Boil the corn for just 10 minutes Grilled sweet corn
Make methi muthiyas before hand(as per my recipe shared before) Undhiyo
Wash all the vegetables Broccoli salad
Add chicken to pot and submerge with water until just covers chicken P-lo Chicken and Dumplings
Whip your eggs and add a pintch of aromat French Toast
Rub th calamari with the spices and aside. Pan-fried Calamari with Stir Fry
Grate your patatoe and wash them.. And after drain the water using kitchen cloth, put in your eggs, aromat and flour and mix and after pour in ur grated Cheeder cheese and make a the desired shape and pan fry each side 1 minute until ready Potato latkes
Wash all vegetables very well Green salad
Peel and dice potatoes and boil them until they are tender and drain water and let it cool Potato salad
In a large pot mix finely chopped onion, finely chopped green pepper,grated carrot and grated potatoes. Pour the water and cook till potatoes are soft. Creamy Savoury Pap
Bring your water 💦 to boiling and put in salt followed by your macaroni, cook until ready stirring every after 2min when ready let them cool for 30 minutesIn a separate bowl dice your peppers Macaroni salad
Heat ghee in a panAdd washed rice in it after removing waterSaute it in ghee for 2 minutesAdd Milk, Water and SugarCook it on medium flameLastly add saffron strands soaked in milkSwitch off the flame. Aromat Sweet Fruits Pulao
Chop all your robot peppers Braai Pap
Boil potatoes until they are soft. Potato Salad
Saute your veggies in oil, onion, robot peppers, carrots, excluding potatoes, put in your chicken breast fry for 5 min or more and put in your potatoes and spices, paprika, aromat, and chicken stock. Creamy Chicken pie
Boil your macaroni with cooking oil and salt until tender Pasta & Tuna salad
Mix butter and flour, add all the ingredients and mix (xclude the egg) Super duper bread
Heat oil in a pan, and saute mushrooms with a little salt until softened, about 5 minutes Egg Roll Wrapper Chicken and Dumplings
For the Sugar Syrup: Boil half a cup of water and the powdered sugar in a sauce pan then leave over medium heat till the syrup begins to thicken. Add the lemon juice and rose water. Set aside to cool. Homemade Sweet Dumplings
Boil potatoes well cooked until are cracked Potato salad
Peel, dice the potatoes and rinse them. Then boil them until soft and tender Potato salad
Braise onions in melted butter. Easy mushroom sauce
Here's what you'll need. Mike's Kids EZ Chicken & Dumplings