Fried chicken


Conflask crums


Cook d chicken with d spices
Heat oil when hot
Deep d chicken into d egg and deep it into flour then cover with com flask crums
And fry it done

Method*Da farko dai zaki Cire bakin bayan kwakwan Ki sai Ki gurge. Zaki daura daura shinkafan Ki Har sai yayi Rabin damuwa sai Ki kawo markadeden gyada Ki saka a Kai yayi tafasa biyu ya karasa dafa shinkafar. Sai Ki kawo kwakwan Ki Ki zuba a Kai yayi minti biyu akan wuta sai Ki sauke. Kisaka madara, sugar da kuma flavor. Kunun gyada Mai Kwakwa
Cut the avocado into two,peel and cut them into half moons Egg avocado sandwich
Mix all ingredients Meat loaf
Boil the potatoes.. And keep a side... Take a bowl add the potatoes and mash it properly.. Potato cheese finger
Toast bread slices. Or heat up a non stick pan on low heat and place slice bread and toast. Turn the other side to toast too. Sunny side up egg sandwich
First of all pressure cook the boneless chicken pieces adding salt, pepper and ginger garlic paste. When the chicken pieces slightly cool down, shred them. Chicken squares #winter
Mix lemon,salt,pepper,red chilli,ginger/ garlic paste and chaat masala Pop corn chicken
First u marinate da chicken I.e in a blender blend ur onions,kayan miya,little oil,maggi,salt and some spices Chicken maryland
In a blender mix all above ingredients Untill smooth! Cappuccino Cheese Cake
Slice and core the avocado discarding the seed Guacamole Cheese Sandwich
Zaki kankare kwakwan ki Carrot drink
Mix all the vegetables as mentioned above in ingredient list... Mix vegetable fritters
First of all boil corn with salt water. Corn vegetable
Put on olive oil and butter in a pan cook the onion in it for a light brown colour.  Lebanese chicken curry with chicken ball's
Boil potatoes with skin until soft. Drain, peal and puree them, make sure it is quite dry. Potato crocket
Smash the avocado gently in a bowl. Sandwich
Grate the onion and the carrots, squeeze extra liquids coming out from them. Carrot crocket
Wash & cut the avocado into half. Avocado Sandwich# Local Food Contest# Nairobi_ North
Melt the dark chocolate. Keep aside. Chocolate Dates Mouse
Fry the egg in tomato and onion to be scrambled Avocado and egg sandwich#localcontest_nairobi west
ready your custurd and jelly double banana
Cut the avocado n tomatoes in small slices Sausage avocado sandwich
Pour milk in to bowl. Add sugar, custard powder, vanilla essence & mix well. Till the sugar dissolves. Dip the bread slice into this mixture for a sec.or two. (Not more than this). Heat a nonstick pan. Apply some butter & place the bread on it. Toast it on both sides. Eggless French Toast
Butter your bread slices and place your lettuce leaves..mine were almost dying.... Egg Deluxe Sandwich Version with leftovers
First dilute strawberry jam with water. And keep it in refridgerator. Ice Cream Fresh Fruits Cup
Boil 2 big size potato and boil one bowl corn. Cheej corn balls
In a pot on fire put a little water (just enough for your noodles), indomie spices and curry to build the aromatics. Indomie extraordinaire
Gather all ingredients Bacon and onion sandwich
Preheat oven to 350┬░F. Enchiladas Extraordinaire
Potatoes, Green peas, sweet corn boil it & mash it. Burger