Kam Heong Chicken (Malaysian Style)


Ingredients for Kam Heong Sauce
4 cloves garlics
2 red onions
4 sticks curry leaves
2 teaspoon curry powder
2 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoon rock salt
Cili Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Black Soy Bean Sauce
Ingredients for chicken
5 table spoons of Rice Flour
3 table spoons of Wheat Flour
2 table spoon curry powder
2 table spoon tumeric powder
1 table spoon rock salt


Clean up the chicken and marinate with the ingredients listed above. Mix and put aside. Let it be them happily together for about 15 minutes.
Then get wok on stove and fry the chickens. While frying the chickens, grab all the Kam Heong ingredients as listed above or as in the picture. Wash and cut onions, garlics and chilies. Then set curry powder in a small bowl so that easy to take and pour later.
Ready your Vision or any suitable pot about 1.5L big. Put oil and let it hot. Throw your cut onions, garlics and curry leaves. Let them dancing inside the pot and you will enjoy the good smells!
Add on chilies, chili sauce, tomato sauce, and stir fry all together after the onions and garlics turn yellowish and darker. The smells is damn tempting and will make you feel hungry!
Ok fast, then pour black soy sweet sauce, add salt and sugar (replacing MSG). Then mix in the fried chickens into it. Yummy! So now, it is ready to be served!

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